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  • Music is a Porcelain type of garlic that could possibly be the most popular homegrown Hardneck. The large cloves make it such a pleasant garlic to work with in the kitchen. Typically has pure white bulb wrappers, sometimes will produce slight purple streaking depending on your soil. 

    • Porcelain Hardneck Garlic
    • 5-7 Large Cloves/Bulb Robust & very hardy
    • Music garlic bulbs are certified Organic one of the most popular varieties
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    • Grows well in Northern States
    • Large impressive bulbs and plants for great market appeal
    • Easy to peal cloves Named after Al Music who brought it from Italy in the 80's.
    • Garlic flavor: Rich, garlicky, strong, and pungent with easy to peel jumbo cloves which are easy to use in the kitchen.
    • Storing: Will store until early spring
    • Similar Varieties in the Porcelain family: Bavarian Purple, Ivan, Norquay

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