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Shipping in September for Fall planting
  • This Porcelain produces 5-6 large cloves per bulb. Norquay is a hardy, disease resistant cultivar that forms tight heavy bulbs. Original seed comes from Alberta Canada so you know this is one hardy strain of garlic.

    The large cloves make it a chefs best friend. Typically has pure white bulb wrappers, sometimes will produce slight purple streaking depending on your soil. 

    • Porcelain Hardneck Garlic
    • 5-8 Large Cloves/Bulb Robust & very hardy
    • Norquay garlic bulbs are USDA certified Organic 
    • Buy more and save. Bulk seed deals and wholesale discounts
    • Grows well in Northern States
    • Large impressive bulbs that do great at market
    • Easy to peal cloves 
    • Garlic flavor: Strong flavor and a nice spice raw
    • High Allicin content
    • Storing: Will store until early spring
    • Similar Varieties in the Porcelain family: Bavarian PurpleIvanMusic

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