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Shipping in September for Fall planting
  • Ivan is one of the longest-lasting Hardnecks when stored properly. In the same family as Music, Ivan tends to produce a couple more cloves per bulb on average and this is a great attribute if you are saving your own seed! If you enjoy Music or Romanian Red this is a great Porcelain garlic to try!

    • Hardneck Garlic
    • Porcelain
    • 5-8 Large Cloves/Bulb
    • Scapes and harvests a little earlier than any other porcelain garlic
    • Well known and grown in Canada 
    • Grows well in Northern States
    • Large impressive bulbs that are real eye catchers
    • Garlic flavor: Rich, garlicky, strong, robust with easy to peel jumbo cloves which are easy to use in the kitchen
    • Known to be a Hot-flavored garlic when raw and when cooked and roasted develops a sweet flavor.
    • The cloves are usually jumbo size and easy to peel and cut up for a strong garlic flavor in your dishes.
    • Similar Varieties in the Porcelain family: Bavarian Purple, Norquay, Music

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