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Certified organic by the USDA & WSDA #2771

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85 Ernie Robinson Rd. 

Oroville, Wa. 98844


Certified Organic Seed Garlic


Hardneck & Softneck seed garlic that is cold hardy and drought resistant.


We sell USDA certified organic seed garlic for the home gardener and commercial grower.

Quarter pounds to quarter tons.


We'll begin shipping fall seed September 1st!


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Softneck garlic braid

Growing Softneck garlic is a great way to make sure you have garlic all year long. Softneck garlic produces large, many layered bulbs that have a long storage life and are great for braiding.

Hardneck seed

Hardneck garlic provides a wealth of complex flavors to delight the palate. Along with the bonus of edible scapes in the spring, these varieties are sure to be a welcome addition in any garden and kitchen.

Northern growers tend to prefer Hardneck garlic strains but don't need to limit themselves to those select varieties. Our Softnecks perform well here in North Central Washington state, just a few miles south of the Canadian border.


       Tip: Mulch your garlic beds thickly to protect against extreme temperature fluctuations and to regulate moisture.


Southern growers will have the best results growing Softneck garlic. But if you want to try some Hardneck varieties we have a little trick to help make your garlic growing endeavor more successful.


Tip: Refrigerate your seed garlic for at least 40 days in the coldest part of your fridge to "vernalize" your seed and trigger it to form nice large bulbs.